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Movie Review : Inside Out

This is not my favorite movie or something but I don’t know why, after I watch this movie I shed a tear. This movie tells how our emotions work through a little girl. There are five personifications of her emotions inside her mind. Each emotion can control her and if one of the emotion take the control, the emotion reflects Riley’s attitude or feeling. The emotions are Joy, Sadness, Fear, Disgust, and Anger. All of them accompany Riley’s childhood. They work together for all. But when the problem comes, because her father has a business project in San Francisco Riley turns gloomy but Joy can entertain her. One day, in the school, Sadness touches Riley’s happy memory and it turns to a sad memory. Accidentally, sadness also makes sad-core memory but Joy doesn’t want to see Riley sad because of her sad-core memory. And when Joy wants to send it to a long-term memory, sadness takes it and accidentally both of them sucked to a long-term memory. According to my opinion, the moral values come from this part. How all of the emotions work together, how they solve the problem, also how each emotion can respect other. This movie is allowed to all ages because the theme is family. I shed a tear when one of the character sacrifices himself to help Joy and Sadness. This movie also contains affection from family that always takes care of us. The peak problem happened when Anger makes Riley wants to go to Minnesota because there is no Joy in the Headquarters. That thing makes Riley leaves her parents. But because Joy and Sadness have came back the other emotions fell calm. Joy realized that Riley leaves her parents so she gives all the controls to Sadness that Joy feels Sadness is useless for Riley. Sadness makes Riley come back to her parents and Riley apologizes to her father and her mother, they are all cry. Besides that, Joy realized that all of the emotions are useful for Riley and they work together to make Riley happy. This movie tells us that each people has their own ability that can makes something better. Don’t be an arrogant people that fell yourself is the best. 

Jumat, 13 Januari 2017

Went to Cirebon

Hello guys! Happy New Year! Welcome back in a different year. This time I want to tell you about my holiday.

This holiday I went to home, Cirebon because I missed my family, my friends and the others. I went to Cirebon with my father on Saturday, December 24th 2016. I was sleeping while me and my father were going to Cirebon. Suddenly, We had arrived at home. At 02.00 p.m my friends texted me, they wanted me to play with them because it had been so long they didn’t see me. So I asked my mother to play with them.
At 03.00 p.m I went to my friend’s house, Yuda. In that place, I met Evan and Ekki too. That night I slept at Yuda’s house because we wanted to play more and also I had asked for permission. In the morning, I went home because at 05.00 p.m my family and I would go to church to commemorate Christmas Day. After the celebration finish, I went to yuda’s house to stay there for a night to play again.
In the morning, Yuda, Evan, Ekki, Christo, and I went to Grage City Mall to watch a movie. Arrived in the cinema, we were confused what movie was good to watch because the movie were so many. And we decided to watch Assassin’s Creed. In the night when I wanted to go home from Yuda’s house, the rain fell heavily so I asked my mother to stay a night at Yuda’s house. In the morning, we woke up and played again until 06.00 p.m. After that, I went to my grandparents’s house to sleep in their house.
The next morning, I was called by Yuda and he asked me to join with them to watch a movie again. So, at 12.04 p.m Yuda picked me up to go to CSB Mall. We watched Cek Toko Sebelah, the movie was great, there were so many moral value. After that, we went to UPNORMAL. Finished eating, I was dropped by to my grandparents’s house.
The next day, I was called by Yuda again and he said he wanted to play badminton with me. Yuda picked me up at 01.00 p.m and we went to badminton court. Yuda, Evan, Ekki, and I played badminton for 2 hours. We were so tired and I went home.
In the morning, my father asked me to go to Jakarta to stay for 2 nights in hotel. So, my family went to Jakarta on the next day. We went to Jakarta at 08.00 a.m. We decided to go to Mangga Dua to buy glasses for me and my brother. Arrived at that place, me and my brother went to optic directly. We surrounded all of optic in Mangga Dua to see all of models and at the different optic we bought the glasses that we like. The glasses couldn’t be finished on that day, so the optic will sent it. After we finished, we went to hotel to take a rest for a while. Few minutes later, we went to Citraland and bought some bread to eat at hotel. After that, we had dinner and went to hotel to sleep. But, I didn’t sleep yet, because few hours later will be a new year. So, I opened the curtain of our room and prepared my camera to take photos of fireworks. When the new year came, there were so many fireworks that I could see it from our room. Great!
The next day, we had breakfast at hotel. All of the foods were delicious, I ate three omelletes, three sausages, and a bowl of cereal. That was great. After we ate, we went to our room again to relax. At 03.00 p.m, I swam in the pool and my brother went to gym. At 07.00 p.m, we decided to watch a movie at Cinema in Citraland. So, we took a bath and went to Cinema. Surprisingly, in the Cinema, it just two movies on list schedule. But, we still watched Hangout. The movie genre was thriller but comedy. After watched the movie, we went to hotel to sleep. Like usual, in the morning, we had breakfast and I ate any kind of foods like yesterday until I was full. After that, we prepared for check out and back to Cirebon. We arrived at 02.08 a.m.
Every day I did the same thing. I played with Yuda and friends again and went home. After four days, I went back to Bandung because the school holiday will be end. I was very sad, I wanted to stay longer becase I still missed my family and my friends but I had to went back. I couldn’t wait for the next holiday.

Jumat, 16 Desember 2016

Biography of Bartolomeo Cristofori

Bartolomeo di Francesco Cristofori was an Italian maker of musical instruments, generally regarded as the inventor of the piano.
Cristofori was born in Padua in the Republic of Venice. Nothing was known of his early life. A tale was told that he served as an apprentice to the great violin maker Nicolò Amati, based on the appearance in a 1680 census record of a "Christofaro Bartolomei" living in Amati's house in Cremona. However, as Stewart Pollens points out, this person cannot be Bartolomeo Cristofori, since the census records an age of 13, whereas Cristofori according to his baptismal record would have been 25 at the time. Pollens also gives strong reasons to doubt the authenticity of the cello and double bass instruments sometimes attributed to Cristofori.
Probably the most important event in Cristofori's life was the first one of which we had any record: in 1688, at 33, he was recruited to work for Prince Ferdinando de Medici. Ferdinando, a lover and patron of music, was the son and heir of Cosimo III, Grand Duke of Tuscany. Tuscany was at a time still a small independent state.
It was not known what led Ferdinando to recruit Cristofori. The Prince traveled to Venice in 1688 to attend the Carnival, so he might have met Cristofori passing through Padua on his way home. Ferdinando was looking for a new technician to take care of his many musical instruments, the previous incumbent having just died. However, it seemed possible that the Prince wanted to hire Cristofori not just as his technician, but specifically as an innovator in musical instruments. It would be surprising if Cristofori at age 33 had not already shown the inventiveness for which he later became famous.
During the remaining years of the 17th century, Cristofori invented two keyboard instruments before he began his work on the piano. These instruments were documented in an inventory, dated 1700, of the many instruments kept by Prince Ferdinando. Stewart Pollens conjectured that this inventory was prepared by a court musician named Giovanni Fuga, who may have referred to it as his own in a 1716 letter.
The spinettone, Italian for "big spinet", was a large, multi-choired spinet (a harpsichord in which the strings are slanted to save space), with disposition 1 x 8', 1 x 4'; most spinets have the simple disposition 1 x 8'. This invention might have been meant to fit into a crowded orchestra pit for theatrical performances, while having the louder sound of a multi-choired instrument.
The other invention (1690) was the highly original oval spinet, a kind of virginal with the longest strings in the middle of the case.
Cristofori also built instruments of existing types, documented in the same 1700 inventory: a clavicytherium (upright harpsichord), and two harpsichords of the standard Italian 2 x 8' disposition; one of them has an unusual case made of ebony.
It was thought for some time that the earliest mention of the piano is from a diary of Francesco Mannucci, a Medici court musician, indicating that Cristofori was already working on the piano by 1698. However, the authenticity of this document is now doubted. The first unambiguous evidence for the piano came from the 1700 inventory of the Medici mentioned in the preceding section. The entry in this inventory for Cristofori's piano begins as follows:
Un Arpicembalo di Bartolomeo Cristofori di nuova inventione, che fa' il piano, e il forte, a due registri principali unisoni, con fondo di cipresso senza rosa..." (boldface added)
An "Arpicembalo" by Bartolomeo Cristofori, of new invention that produces soft and loud, with two sets of strings at unison pitch, with soundboard of cypress without rose..."

The term "Arpicembalo", literally "harp-harpsichord", was not generally familiar in Cristofori's day. Edward Good infers that this was what Cristofori himself wanted his instrument to be called. Our own word for the piano, however the result of a gradual truncation over time of the words shown in boldface above.
The Medici inventory goes on to describe the instrument in considerable detail. The range of this (now lost) instrument was a mere four octaves, C to c″″′.
Another document referring to the earliest piano was a marginal note made by one of the Medici court musicians, Federigo Meccoli, in a copy of the book Le Istitutioni harmonicheby Gioseffo Zarlino. Meccoli wrote:
These are the ways in which it is possible to play the Arpicimbalo del piano e forte, invented by Master Bartolomeo Christofani of Padua in the year 1700, harpsichord maker to the Most Serene Grand Prince Ferdinand of Tuscany. (transl. Stewart Pollens)

According to Scipione Maffei's journal article, by 1711 Cristofori had built three pianos. One had been given by the Medici to Cardinal Ottoboni in Rome, and two had been sold in Florence.


1.      According to Scipione Maffei's journal article, by 1711 Cristofori had built … piano(s).
a.       1
b.      2
c.       3
d.      4
e.       5

2.      The earliest mention of the piano is from ….
a.      a diary of Francesco Mannucci
b.      a marginal note made by one of the Medici court musicians
c.  the 1700 inventory of the Medici mentioned in the preceding section
d.      a note made by Ferdinando
e.       a note made by Cristofori

3.      During the remaining years of the 17th century, Cristofori invented ….
a.       piano
b.      guitar
c.       violin
d.      two keyboard instruments
e.       a diary of Francesco Mannucci

4.      Bartolomeo Cristofori was the inventor of the …
a.      piano
b.      violin
c.       guitar
d.      drum
e.       bass

5.      What happen to Cristofori’s life when he was 33?
a.      He was recruited to work for Prince Ferdinando de Medici
b.      He was famous
c.       He died
d.      He invented two keyboard instruments
e.       He traveled to Venice

Selasa, 15 November 2016

The Smartest Parrot

Once upon time, a man had a wonderful parrot. There was no other parrot like it. The parrot could say every word, except one word. The parrot would not say the name of the place where it was born. The name of the place was Catano. 
The man felt excited having the smartest parrot but he could not understand why the parrot would not say Catano. The man tried to teach the bird to say Catano, however the bird did not say the word.
At first, the man was very nice to the bird but then he got very angry. “You stupid bird!” pointed the man to the parrot. “Why can’t you say the word? Say Catano! Or I will kill you” the man said angrily. Although he tried hard to teach, the parrot would not say it. Then the man got so angry and shouted to the bird over and over; “Say Catano or I’ll kill you”. The bird kept not to say the word of Catano. 
One day, after he had been trying so many times to make the bird say Catano, the man really got very angry. He could not bear it. He picked the parrot and threw it into the chicken house. There were four old chickens for next dinner “You are as stupid as the chickens. Just stay with them” Said the man angrily. Then he continued to humble; “You know, I will cut the chicken for my meal. Next it will be your turn, I will eat you too, stupid parrot”. After that he left the chicken house.
The next day, the man came back to the chicken house. He opened the door and was very surprised. He could not believe what he saw at the chicken house. 

There were three death chickens on the floor. At the moment, the parrot was standing proudly and screaming at the last old chicken; “Say Catano or I’ll kill you”.

Jumat, 04 November 2016

Place Presentation

Hello! Welcome back with me again and again. This time, I want to share my English project. In this project, I am asked to make a presentation about place that I like the most. And then, I choose Burj Khalifa, because I want to see how tall is that place. Check this out!

Burj Khalifa

The Burj Khalifa, known as the Burj Dubai before it’s inauguration is a megatall skyscraper in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Is is the tallest structure in the world, standing at 829.8 m (2,722 ft).
Construction of the Burj Khalifa began in 2004, with the exterior completed 5 years later in 2009. Burj Khalifa was designed by Adrian Smith, them os Skidmore, Owings, and Merrill (SOM), whose firm designed the Willis Tower and One World Trade Center.

The Burj Khalifa’s water system supplies an average of 946,000 L of water per day through 100 km of pipes. An additional 213 km piping serves the fire emergency system, and 34 km supplies chilled water for the air conditioning system. The waste water system uses gravity to discharge water from plumbing fixtires, floor drains, mechanical equipment and storm water, to the city municipal sewer.
The air conditioning has been provided by Voltas. The air conditioning system draws air from the upper floors where the air is cooler and cleaner than on the ground. At peak cooling times, the tower’s cooling is equivalent to that provided by 13,000 short tons of melting ice in one day, or about 46 MW. The condensate collection system which uses the hot and humid outside air, combined with the cooling requirements of the building, results in a significant amount of condensation of moisture from the air. The condensed water is collected and drained into a holding tank located in the basement car park; this water is then pumped into the site irrigation system for use on the Burj Khalifa park.

To wash the 24,348 windows, totaling 120,000 m2, a horizontal track has been installed on the exterior of Burj Khalifa at levels 40, 73, and 109. Each track holds a 1,500 kg bucket machine which moves horizontally and then vertically using heavy cables. Above level 109, and up to tier 27, traditional cradles from Davits are used. The top of the spire, however, is reserved for specialist window cleaners, who brave the heights and high winds, dangling on ropes to clean and inspect the top of the pinneacle. Under normal conditions, when all building maintenance units will be operational, it will take 36 workers three to four months to clean the entire exterior facade.


1.      Before it’s inauguration, the megatall skyscraper in Dubai called ….
a.       Dubai skyscraper
b.      Burj Dubai
c.       Burj Khalifa
d.      Burj skyscraper
e.       Tallest skyscraper

2.      Construction of the Burj Khalifa with the exterior completed in ….
a.       2005
b.      2004
c.       2009
d.      2010
e.       2008

3.      To clean a half of exterior façade for three to four months, they need … workers.
a.       36
b.      37
c.       10
d.      102
e.       18

4.      What kind of system that has been provided by Voltas?
a.       Water system
b.      Electrical system
c.       Windows cleaner system
d.      The air conditioning system
e.       Operational system

5.      What kind of water that pumped into the site irrigation system for use on the Burj Khalifa park?
a.      The condensed water that is collected and drained into a holding tank
b.      The water from the upper floors that has been cleaned
c.       Chilled water from the fire emergency system that has been used
d.      The condensed water from water supplies
e.       The condensed water from plumbing system

Selasa, 01 November 2016

Animal Presentation

Hello! Welcome back with me again. This time I want to present about one animal that very cool (I think). I made this presentation with my friend, David Immanuel and don’t forget to visit his blog too at

Don’t waste our time, straight to the topic, check this out!

What is octopus?
                Octopus is a sea animal that comes from Cephalopoda class. Generally it is bilaterally symmetric, it means if it is pulled out and divided by two, it’s symmetrical same. Octopus was discovered in 988 BC. For the complete informations :
·         Kingdom : Animalia
·         Phylum : Mollusca
·         Class : Cephalopoda
·         Order : Octopoda

Octopus Protection
                When octopus felt harmed / felt something dangerous, such as predators, sharks, human or something else, it injects it’s ink to blured it’s enemy sight, so octopus can escape safely.

Octopus’s Camouflage
1.       Under the sand
When octopus feel something weird and seems dangerous, it hides under the sand.
2.       Rock
Same like under the sand, but it hides behind or ‘hug’ the rock, so the octopus is safe.

Octopus Lifecycle
Octopuses swim 8 hours per day. Octopus usually reproduces 200.000 eggs, but the eggs that alive, like around 30%. Also not all octopuses use ink, some of them use their poison to defeat their foe. The most popular poison is Blue Ring Octopus. Fact says that 20ml of it’s poison can kill 30 mouses or around 5 humans.

Okay… that’s all from me and if you want to see a full version of our presentation, you can contact me or David via email to get the file. The file contain some videos that can make you amaze. I download the videos at and I edit the videos before I put them in our presentation file.
Thanks for reading, see you.

After you read that post, I hope you can answer my questions. Check this out!

1.       Octopus was included in … class
a.       Cephalopoda
b.      Mollusca
c.       Octopoda
d.      Animalia
e.      Mammalia

2.       What can octopus do, to protect itself?
a.       Explode, gives poison
b.      Hides in the cave
c.       Camouflage, sprays ink, hides under the sand
d.      Camouflage
e.      Ran

3.       How many octopus’s eggs that alive when octopus reproduces?
a.       200.000
b.      100.000
c.       30
d.      60.000
e.      66.000

4.        What is the most dangerous octopus’s poison that just 20ml but can kill around 30             mouses?
a.       Red ring octopus
b.      Black widow
c.       Black octopus poison
d.      Blue venom
e.      Blue ring octopus

5.       Octopus swims … per day.
a.       24 hours
b.      10 hours
c.       6.8 hours
d.      8 hours
e.      1 hour

6.       When was octopus discovered?
a.       In 988 BC
b.      In 998 BC
c.       In 988 DC
d.      In 998 DC
e.      In 2001

Kamis, 20 Oktober 2016

Basic Leadership Training

Hello! Welcome back with me! This time, I want to tell you my new experience again. This is about Basic Leadership Training, or usually called LDKS. All of tenth grade must join this training because, if some students don’t participate in this training they will re-join next year. Leadership training is useful for the students. This is my story!

This training was held on September 29th 2016 until October 1th 2016 in Rindam III Siliwangi. Before the training, on September 28th I was very confused to prepare my luggage because the clothes that us (all of tenth grade students) had to bring were very much. I brought many clothes because I was asked to bring them by senior. After I finished preparing luggage, I was very tired and I wanted to sleep but I wasn’t take a bath yet. So, I took a bath and slept.
In the morning, I was late to wake up. I woke up at 05.45 a.m. meanwhile I had to arrive at Rindam III at 06.30 a.m. but I didn’t panic, I took a bath and went to Rindam III by car with my father. After I arrived, I asked for leave to my father and I went in Rindam. This place was huge, I couldn’t imagine when I had to run to round this place.
When I came in, my friends were marching and I join in that line. I saw something funny, because there was my friend that brought many luggage until he confused how to bring all of them. Suddenly my line was ordered to go forward to Rindam hall. In that hall, all of tenth grade students would have an opening ceremony for Basic Leadership Training. Before we had an opening ceremony rehearsal, we must put our luggage in our barrack.
The headmaster of SMA Negeri 3 Bandung had arrived and we begun the opening ceremony. Suddenly, I felt dizzy when the headmaster was telling his speech. I thought I am OK because I had ever encountered dizzy like this, but I encountered another oddity. It was my eyes. My eyes couldn't see anything, just black. And then, I felt I will be faint at that place. I was so afraid, I could only hear and felt my legs. I prayed to God and aksed Him to help me. At that time, I Just prayed. One minute later, the opening ceremony had finished and all of the students can sit on the floor. After I sit, I felt normal, I could see again. I felt that God who was help me, He had best way to help me.
After opening ceremony finished, all of tenth grade students would go to dining room and ate there. When ate, we had to straighten our back and no sounds when eating, including sounds of spoon. Well, I thought it wasn't so hard. All of the students had to eat up all of the foods on their plate. I saw my friend that couldn't eat all of his foods was scolded by senior. I was very thankful because I could eat up all of my foods.
After we ate, we went to the field and had some PBB training. I felt very bored, because when I was Junior Highschool, I joined pramuka and I had PBB training so much. Yeah, I just followed my leader to refresh my ability in PBB. It was very hot there, so I just played with my imagination to reduce my boredom.
It was time to pray for muslims. Because I wasn't muslim, my friends and I could take a rest at the edge of the field. We shared each others and sometimes we made a joke. It made my bored atmosphere gone. After that, we marched again and got some theory from our leader. After got some theory, we practiced again.
The PBB traning had finished, all of the students had to go to barrack and prepared for taking a bath. Heard that statement, I was very excited. But in barrack, we were just given 10 counts to prepare our toiletries. After all of us ready, we went to bathroom and made a line before we took a bath. The seniors told us that our bathing time was 3 minutes. Heard that statement made us panic.
I began cleaning my body and also the 3 minutes. I was very confused so I cleaned my body hurriedly. The senior told us that the time had ran out when I was draining my body. So, I wore my uniform panicly and went outside to make a line. My friends that their toiletries left behind had to do push ups 10 times. I thought, for what they took a bath, this time they were sweating again. After we took a bath, we had a counseling about ethics for 90 minutes. That counseling made me bored and also I had been sleppy.
The counseling had finished, all of the students could go to their barrack and prepared for sleep. Again and again, suddenly the seniors came in our barrack when we were trying to sleep. The seniors were angry to us because we made so much mistakes. For      the consequence, all of us had to do push ups based total mistakes that us did. After that, we went sleep.
            At 3 a.m. we woke up to pray (for muslims) and my friends and I just wait. When we wait, we almost overslept and I thought we could just snooze for several minutes. After the others finished, we went to field and did gymnastics. After that, we took a bath (like usual, just 3 minutes) and ate at dining room. We had a counseling again, but this time was about State. After counseling about state, it was continued counseling about drugs.
            This time wasn’t the session that I wanted. It was about training again and this time was same with yesterday, when my muslim friends pray, we could take a rest for a while and the training started again. After finished the training, we took a bath and ate. I went to hall with my friends, when our muslim friends pray. After that, all of the students gathered in hall and voted for the leader of 32019 generation. And the winner was a boy, I forgot his name. After we finished, we went to barrack and like usual, we were scolded and got punishments for our mistakes. Tonight was my friend and I to patrolling our barrack, I met many friends who were chilled. So, I covered them with my jacket or my blanket.
           I was very vigorous today, because today was the last day in Rindam. This morning was same like yesterday. But the counseling which was told to us after we ate was different. It was about challenge. But when we were in the hall, the students who weren’t cut their hair had to follow the senior. So, I followed him.
                Two hours I had been waiting for my turn, but the queue was so long until the seniors came to us and told us to join our friends. After I heard that statement, I was so happpy, because I had not cut my hair. We went to the hall and had a closing ceremony. After that, we went to barrack and prepared our luggage and say thank you to our seniors. And then, we went home.

                This is my first time joining Basic Leadership Training like this (in Rindam). Before that, I don’t know anything about rindam. So, I am very happy because I get new experience. Thank you and see you.